Committees are working group stablished by the Federation in order to carry out specific tasks.

Tour`s Committees
Ladies Amateur Committee
Dª. Patricia Jiménez Gómez
Youth Amateurs Committee
D. Fernando Pacheco Lavado
Men Amateur Comittee
D. Santiago Urquijo Ruiz-Giménez
Pitching & Putt Comittee
D. Carlos Ramón de Fata González
Professionals Committee
D. José Manuel Crespo Sánchez
Rules Committee
D. Eugenio Alises Ripoll
Seniors Committee
D. Ignacio Iturbe Escolano
Seniors Committee
D. Álvaro Téllez García
Marketing Committee
D. Carlos Pitarch Little
Adapted Golf Committee
D. Luis Martínez Galán
Promotion Comittee
Dª María España