Board of Directors
Board of Directors

D. Pablo Mansilla García


Dear golfer on the web:

Welcome to Andalusia, Europe’s most exciting golf destination. I suggest you look through the following pages where you will find all you need to know about Golf in Andalusia.

There is no better climate for all-year-round golf in Europe, nor any other country or Mediterranean region which can boast 94 golf courses, throughout Andalusia, offering more than 100 possible round combinations, and what is more, no nation knows better, than here in Andalusia, how to welcome their golfing visitors.

The quality of golf in our region is ensured through the wide variety of its courses, as well as the history of its numerous and important championships, such as The World Cup in the Real Sevilla Club, The World University Championships in Antequera Golf Club, and last, though by no means least, the Ryder Cup, held in Valderrama.

In these pages of the Real Federación Andaluza de Golf (Royal Golf Federation of Andalusia)you will find descriptions of all the courses, their special characteristics, services, adjacent accommodation, restaurants, rent-a-car etc.

It’s all here in our pages. I suggest you take a look at our competition schedule, and the links to further tourist information. Some of the golf courses take reservations by e-mail.

Should you require any further information, or wish to make a comment or suggestion regarding what you find in these pages, you can leave a message in our electronic mailbox

Enjoy the visit, and best regards.


D. Santiago Urquijo Ruiz-Giménez

Vicepresident 1º

D. Eugenio Alises Ripoll

Vicepresident 2º

D. Miguel Navarro Álvarez


D. Carlos Ramón de Fata González


D. Fernando Pacheco Lavado

D. José Manuel Crespo Sánchez

D. Carlos Pitarch Little

Dª María España

Dª. Patricia Jiménez Gómez

D. Eugenio Alises Ripoll

D. Ignacio Iturbe Escolano

D. Carlos Ramón de Fata González

D. Santiago Urquijo Ruiz-Giménez

D. Luis Martínez Galán

D. Francisco Bravo Villalba


D. Ignacio Iturbe Escolano

Provence Delegate

D. Francisco Venegas Alonso


D. José Manuel Crespo Sánchez


Dª. Milagros Luque Escribano


D. Daniel Cabello Sánchez


D. Miguel Míguez Castaño


D. Emilio Ruiz García


D. Ignacio Iturbe


D. Luis Miguel Martínez Galán


D. Angel de la Riva

Honorary president